ComPOD12 / StarProg

BDM12 Pod & In-System Programmer

BDM-Cable and ISP-Software

The ComPOD12 BDM-Interface is a universal device for downloading software to HC(S)12 target systems. Together with the StarProg software, EEPROM and Flash memory areas of the 68HC12 and HCS12 microcontrollers can be programmed.

StarProg is running on a Windows-based PC (Win9x/NT/2K/XP). The software makes use of the hardware interface ComPOD12 to access the target hardware. The connection to the PC is established via RS232.

The Pod can be connected to the target board using a ribbon cable with a BDM12 6-pin header connector as defined by Freescale (formerly: Motorola). Power supply for the pod also comes over this connection from the target board.

How StarProg works

Within the StarProg Software the user can select a specific Target, e.g. "MC9S12D64 internal Flash". The program can read Motorola S-Record or binary files. The Blank Check function can be used to check, if it is required to initialize the target memory using the program's Erase function first. After that, an application program can be downloaded with Program. A click on the Verify button helps checking the result.

Flexible Tool Files

The methods for programming the target memory are not built into the StarProg Software in a fixed, unalterable way. Instead of a static implementation, the algorithms are contained in separate Tool Files. This is the key to the unbeatable flexibility of StarProg! Even future HC(S)12 derivatives can easily be implemented as soon as silicon becomes available, just by adding the appropriate Tool File.

StarProg for Production

The special Production Mode (Blank/Program/Verify as an endless loop) of StarProg helps you to efficiently produce larger quantities of HC12 products.

ComPOD12 - Next Generation

The ComPOD12/NG BDM-Interface provides all features of the standard version, plus a number of powerful extensions:

  • higher RS232 interface speed: 115200Bd
  • faster data transfer
  • BDM-clock continuously adjustable between 250kHz and 40MHz!
  • Support of Low-Voltage HCS12 types (VCC=3..5V)
  • advanced Reset-Sequencing (tolerating non-standard reset controllers)
  • Secure- and Unsecure-Function for HCS12 Controllers
  • integrated update function allows replacement of Pod-Firmware

S12X Support

Due to significant changes in device architecture, Freescale's S12X family devices are supported by StarProg in a limited manner only. The latest beta version of StarProg software provides the target MC9S12XDP512 (Flash) for testing purposes. As usual with beta versions, a production use is not yet recommended.

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ComPOD12 Standard - Serielles BDM12-Interface für Zielsysteme mit 5V/16MHz
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USB/Seriell-Konverter FTDI USB Stecker A auf D-Sub9 male
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