DIP40-sized enhanced HCS12 Controller Module with MC9S12C128

Handle as easy as a DIP40-IC!

ChipS12 is a miniaturized controller module based on a powerful 16-bit HCS12 microcontroller. It can be easily plugged into a DIP40 socket on the user's application PCB.

The module can be operated with either 3.3V or 5V which makes it suited for a wide range of industrial applications.

Freescale MC9S12C128

The module incorporates a Freescale (formerly: Motorola) HCS12 MCU (MC9S12C128) with 128KB Flash memory and 4KB RAM. The microcontroller provides a wide range of peripheral functions, such as serial interfaces (SCI, SPI, CAN), 10-bit A/D converter, 16-bit timer and PWM channels.


All members of the HCS12 C-family of microcontrollers already contain a MSCAN module, so no external CAN controllers are needed. Furthermore, the ChipS12 module is prepared to provide the physical CAN bus interface as well. The module can be ordered with either 5V or 3.3V bus drivers.

Real Time Clock

ChipS12 is equipped with a software-trimmable, high-accuracy real time clock. It provides time of day, calendar and alarm functions as well as automatic switch-over to a backup battery in case of a loss of main supply. The backup battery is connected externally. Using a 3V LiMn cell is recommended.

TwinPEEKs Monitor Program

Each ChipS12 controller module is equipped with a special version of our TwinPEEKs monitor software, which allows easy download and programming of Flash Memory - without needing additional hardware tools!

The monitor code resides in a write-protected Flash boot block (only 4KB). It can not be erased unintentionally.

The assembly language source code of TwinPEEKs is available on request.

In-System Programming/Debugging

ChipS12 is equipped with a 6-pin BDM interface connector for in-system programming and debugging.

The Background Debug Mode (BDM) of the HC12/HCS12 MCUs provides a convenient way for debugging and in-system programming. We are offering a complete range of cost-effective HCS12 development tools, including ComPOD12/StarProg, NoICE12 Remote Debugger and ICC12 ANSI-C Compiler.

Ordering Information

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ChipS12 Controller Modul Standardversion incl. Optionen CAN5 und RTC
59,50 €
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ChipS12.C128 Controller Modul mit MC9S12C128 (ohne Optionen)
49,00 €
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Option 5V CAN Bustreiber für ChipS12
4,00 €
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Option 3,3V CAN Bustreiber für ChipS12
6,00 €
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Option Real Time Clock für ChipS12
6,50 €

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