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HCS12 Single Board Computer / Datalogger

One board - many features!

The S12compact Single Board Computer is built around an highly-integrated 16-bit HCS12 microcontroller unit. The feature list of this Freescale (formerly: Motorola) MCU is already amazing (see right column), but the S12compact module adds even more functions around this sophisticated microcontroller.

Reference Design

The S12compact originally has been designed as part of an HCS12 reference design project. Please visit the ACPRD Project Page to learn more about this Freescale Reference Design.

Peripheral Functions

Most of the board functions are covered by the MCU itself, but there are also five function blocks that provide extended features:

RTC - Real Time Clock

The RTC option provides real-time clock and calendar functions. A LiMn battery supplies the RTC chip if the main voltage fails.

ADC - Analog/Digital Converter

The HCS12 MCU already provides a 10-bit ATD module with up to 16 channels. If higher resolution is required, an external ADC option with 8 channels and 16 bit resolution can be used. This option includes an on-board voltage reference of 4096mV.

DAC - Digital/Analog Converter

For applications where the on-chip PWM (pulse width modulation) capabilities of the HCS12 MCU are not sufficient, the DAC option can be used to provide two analog outputs with 16 bit resolution. The reference voltage is the same as for the ADC option (4096mV).

SDF - Serial Data Flash

To collect and store large amounts of data, a 16MBit Serial Data Flash can be utilized. This additional memory is operated over a high-speed SPI connection. Multiple RAM buffers in the memory device enable data transfers to one buffer while another is beeing written to a Flash sector automatically. This is an ideal solution for sequential data, for instance, in a data logger application.

USB - USB2.0 Full-speed serial Interface

Communication with a PC is a standard task for embedded devices, but more and more PCs today come without RS232 ports. As a universal high-speed replacement, USB is available in most cases. The USB option for the S12compact simplifies the design of USB applications drastically. No special knowledge is required, since the USB option behaves transparently like an RS232 connection. USB communication is handled by the 2nd SCI channel of the MCU. Of course, USB drivers for the PC side (Windows, Linux, MacOS) are readily available.

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S12compact V1.20 (incl. RTC+ADC+DAC+USB+SDF)

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