Versatile USB-CAN Interface Adapter

CAN Bus under Control

CANUSB is an intelligent CAN to USB interface converter developed by LAWICEL and manufactured by ELMICRO. The small, dongle-like adapter can be connected to a PC's USB port and serves as a translator for the messages interchanged between nodes of a CAN bus system.

The adapter has been used in a huge number of customer projects for many years. For developers, CANUSB has become kind of a standard solution every time a hardware interface is required to access CAN bus signals from a PC. With an easy-to-use and well-documented API, published and maintained by LAWICEL in Sweden, CANUSB is a well engineered solution which is easy to use for implementing CAN-to-USB communication tasks.

Abb.: CANUSB connection to the CAN bus
CANUSB connection to the CAN bus

Two Driver Models

Two driver models are available for CANUSB. The VCP (Virtual COM Port) mode uses a simple ASCII protocol which transmits commands and data using common COM port functions and tools and behaves just like an RS232 port. Once enabled, no special drivers or procedures are required for this mode.

The D2XX mode, on the other hand, uses a special library (a Windows DLL) to boost the performance and bandwidth of the USBCAN adapter. These drivers and libraries are available for all CANUSB users at no extra cost.

CANUSB can be used with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac-OS.

For a quick check: CAN Monitor

CAN Monitor by WGSoft runs on Windows and provides a graphical user interface. It can receive, transmit and analyze CAN frames with selectable parameters (ID, data length, bitrate). This utility program helps to perform quick tests and measurements with the CANUSB adapter.

CAN Monitor is available in two versions. CAN Monitor Lite (free of charge) is limited to work with 11-bit identifiers. CAN Monitor Pro supports both 11-bit and 29-bit identifiers and is available for a small (one-time) fee.

More details are included in the following comparison table:

Software FeaturesLitePro
Fixed Bit Rates (10/20/50/100/ 125/250/500/800/1000kbps)++
User Defined Bit Rates-+
Identifier Filter++
11 Bit Identifiers++
29 Bit Identifiers-+
Send Messages (Count)15
Auto-Repeat Messages-+
Pre-Defined Messages-+
Trigger (Count)-2
Data Logging++
Save Log File (*.csv)-+
Save Settings-+

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LAWICEL CANUSB - CAN 2.0A/B Interface Adapter, USB Port (USB cable included)
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CAN Monitor Pro - Software (Windows) für Lawicel CANUSB
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OBD2 Adapterkabel für CANUSB
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