CAN Interface Board with galvanic Isolation

OEM version based on LAWICEL CANUSB

CANUSB-OEM-ISO serves as a CAN interface converter to be integrated in automation devices, machines or PCs with a USB interface. This board-level unit is based on the CANUSB adapter from LAWICEL, so it offers all the features of the standard version - driver software, protocols and API are identical for both versions.

Isolation increases robustness

Galvanic isolation between CAN bus devices is a measure to increase system reliability in industrial applications. Different units within a bus system may expose different electrical potential levels. This can cause temporary errors or permanent malfunction of the CAN bus, especially in systems covering a wide area. The only effective counter-measure is to isolate the voltage domains from each other.

Connector options

While the standard CANUSB is housed in an enclosure, the OEM version comes as a board level device. The input USB connector and the D-Sub9 connector on the CAN side are common for all CANUSB family members. However, CANUSB-OEM-ISO offers a number of optional connector configurations.

Alternatively to the mini-B connector mounted on the USB side, a 2x5 header connector can be used. The pin assigment follows the scheme that is usually found on many PC motherboards.

On the CAN side, a terminal block can be installed instead of the 9-pin D-Sub connector mounted by default.

Please contact us for a quote with any individual connector requirements. The default stock version comes with mini-B USB and D-Sub9 connectors.

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CANUSB-OEM-ISO Interface Modul - Ausführung 122 (Isoliert/Mini-B/D-Sub9)
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CAN Monitor Pro - Software (Windows) für Lawicel CANUSB
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OBD2 Adapterkabel für CANUSB
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