Versatile RS232-CAN Interface Adapter

You have CAN bus control

LAWICEL CAN232 is an intelligent interface adapter that converts RS232 signals to CAN communication and vice versa. The very small, dongle-like adapter can be connected to the COM port of a PC or any other (embedded) device which provides a D-Sub9 connector representing an RS232 port.

Abb.: CAN232 connection to CAN Bus
CAN232 connection to CAN Bus

All you need is a COM port

As CAN232 is using a standard COM port and is controlled by a simple ASCII protocol, there are no special requirements for using it. Specialized device drivers are not necessary, the usual functions and methods to access the serial interface is all what is needed to start using and programming the CAN232. As a consequence, CAN232 can be used with a large variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Android - or even plain DOS or just bare metal systems.

CAN232 Monitor

A monitor software for the CAN232 is available and helps testing CAN bus systems. Using that software, CAN frames can be received and transmitted with adjustable parameters, like ID, data length, bit rate, etc. The whole project (incl. Delphi source) is available here for download (see link above)

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LAWICEL CAN232 - CAN2.0A/B Interface Adapter, RS232 Port
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