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Looking for a compact, ready-to-use HC12 controller module? Want a 16 bit controller module with on-board RAM, EEPROM and two serial interfaces at a reasonable price? Would you like to work with state-of-the-art microcontroller technology? In that case you should have a look at our HC12 Welcome Kit!

A powerful yet easy to use hardware platform is the best basis to learn how to program a new microcontroller. This is the main idea behind the HC12 Welcome Kit.

HC12? No problem!

The "good old" HC11 did not cause much trouble - the DIP or PLCC packages of these devices where easy to handle. The LQFP112 package of the HC12 (0.65mm pin spacing!) is a lot more demanding. We deliver the HC12 Welcome Kit with the MCU already soldered on the PCB so you do not need any special soldering and handling equipment! No bad junctions, no unreliable sockets, no problem!

Plus: the HC12 Welcome Kit is much more than a simple socket converter. With 4 KB EEPROM there is more program memory you ever could find on a HC11 (except for expensive EPROM or OTP parts). 1 KB RAM, two RS232 interfaces and nearly 80 inputs/outputs are available. You might even add external memory (8 or 16 bits data bus) to the kit - all peripheral signals are available via two header connectors.

From HC11 to HC12

The new HC12 controllers contain the CPU12 core, which has its roots in the HC11 architecture. The CPU12 core has many additional and improved features although it is still compatible with the HC11 on source level. Control register names, mnemonics, adressing and operating modes sound very familiar to the HC11 user. Additional features are:

  • 64 new assembly instructions
  • 20 bits arithmetic
  • instruction queue
  • 7 new indexed addressing modes
  • memory paging (up to 4 MB program memory and up to 1 MB data memory)
  • high level language support
  • Fuzzy Logic support

TwinPEEKs Monitor

You may write your own assembly language programs using your favorite ASCII editor and the AS universal assembler which is included in every kit. You will also need a way to download your code. For this purpose we supply the TwinPEEKs monitor program. This software is already resident in the internal EEPROM when you get the kit. It occupies 2 KB of the EEPROM space (so 2 KB are left for your code). The advantage: You will not need any (more or less expensive) BDM tools to download your code!

The monitor program is also suitable to display and modify memory and to start your application program in real time. The monitor is write protected, so you will not erase it unintentionally (of course you can overwrite the monitor code and use the entire EEPROM space using an optional BDM based programmer).

Accessories/additional HC12 products

For C software development we recommend the ICC12 ANSI C Compiler by Imagecraft.

A helpful addition is the ComPOD12/StarProg BDM In-System Programmer.

Need more program memory? Check out our credit card sized CardS12 module based on an HCS12 microcontroller, providing 64 KB of Flash Memory and CAN Controller on-board!

Picture of HC12 Welcome Kit

Microcontroller Info

  • MC68HC812A4 MCU with LQFP112 package (SMD)
  • 16 MHz xtal speed (8 MHz E-clock)
  • 1 KB RAM
  • SPI
  • 2x SCI
  • 8 channel 16 bit timer (Input Capture/Output Compare)
  • 8 channel 8 bit A/D converter
  • up to 80 I/O pins

Board Features

  • BDM - Background Debug Mode Interface with standard 6-pin connector available for download & debugging
  • Operating Mode selectable via jumpers
  • two serial interfaces equipped with RS232 transceiver (e.g. for PC connection)
  • LVI circuit (reset controller)
  • reset switch connector
  • all I/O-signals signals brought out on header connectors
  • 5V operating voltage, current consumption 30 mA typ.
  • Mech. Dimensions: 2.1" x 3.4"

Package Contents

  • Controller Module with MC68HC812A4
  • TwinPEEKs Monitor Program resides in the MCU's Flash EEPROM Memory
  • RS232 cable (Sub-D9)
  • Two 50pin connectors + power connector
  • HC12 Welcome Kit hardware manual (PDF)
  • Assembler, programming tools, collection of data sheets (device guides, application notes), C Compiler demo version and much more on CD-ROM

Ordering Information

KIT12 Controller Module with MC68HC812A4, complete package as described above quote USD