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HC08 Welcome Kit

MC68HC908GP32 Evaluation Board

Ready, steady, go!

Undoubtedly, a dream of all beginners in the field of microcontrollers is to open the package during the weekend and then to be able to create programs by Monday. Nothing counts more than motivation - best gained by tools that are reliable and easy to use!

Our Welcome Kits have helped many first time users to get started with microcontrollers successfully - previously with HC11 and HC12 from Freescale formerly Motorola) - and now HC08 as well!.

Highlight Flash Technology

The new HC08 Welcome Kit again is a milestone in price performance ratio. The Welcome Kit PCB carries an HC908GP32, which is an 8-bit controller belonging to the HC08 Family. The available 32KB Program Memory is many times larger than what could be found in the "good old" HC11 family. For the Program Memory now state-of-the-art Flash Technology is used. And a lot more highlights characterize this microcontroller - see list on the right!

Easy serial Programming

Flash Technology allows to program the controller chip even if it's mounted on a PCB ("In-System"). Erasing and programming can be done virtually without limits (10.000+ cycles). Programming is done over a simple RS232 connection. A PC takes care for the download - no special device programmer is needed.

Try it yourself!

With the HC08 Welcome Kit you can start instantly - Evaluation Board, RS232 cable and User Manual (of course containing schematic diagrams) are in the box. And plenty HC08 development software is freely available!

High Speed Flash Loader

The Flash Loader FL08 takes care for easy download: this tool occupies 3.5KB of the internal Flash Memory of the 'GP32 and is capable of downloading program files in Motorola S-Record format nearly ten times faster than the normal "Monitor Mode"!

With the Flash Loader FL08 trying new program versions becomes fun! To load a program with 12KB code it takes less than seven seconds - compared to more than a minute in Monitor Mode!

More software: Compiler, Debugger

ImageCraft has introduced ICC08, a new low-cost ANSI-C Compiler for the Motorola HC08 family. A good companion software is the NoICE08 Remote Debugger.

We are also offering the HC08 C-Compiler from COSMIC Software - please request detailed information!

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HC08 Welcome Kit V2.0 HC908GP32 Evaluation Board

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