Compact and Powerful ARM Cortex-M3 MCU Module

Professional Cortex-M3 Controller Module

Chip1768 makes the power of a modern 32-bit microcontroller available for Rapid Prototyping using a small form factor and a complete set of peripherals. Based upon NXPs controller LPC1768, Chip1768 is driven by ARMs current general-purpose microcontroller design called Cortex-M3. Fully equipped with 10/100MBit Ethernet, USB, oscillators and power supply, this module relieves the embedded developer from designing the project's hardware. The software can be designed with standard tools - which, thanks to ARMs specification and cross-core compatibility, can be re-used for all kinds of ARM implementations.

ARM CoreSight

One great advantage of Cortex-based controllers are their debug abilities. Until now, single-step debugging, lurking into registers and changing their values at run-time were the top-end of microntroller debugging features. With the newest Cortex-M3 controllers, ARM introduced a unified debug- and programming interface called CoreSight. This allowes the firmware developer to use advanced debugging techniques like real-time trace, code coverage and performance analysis, the setting of hardware breakpoints or using the debug tool for getting printf-like debug messages right into the IDE without occupying any UART hardware.

Due to ARMs quest for standardisation, one hardware tool and one development software can be used for with all CoreSight-equipped ARM Cortex-M and Cortex-R cores. All these new features made it necessary to enhance the well-known JTAG-interface. ARM introduced their new debug interface called SWD (Serial Wire Debug). Chip1768 supports both interfaces, ARM JTAG for traditional tools and SWD including 4 bit real-time trace. It is highly recommended to use a new-generation debug tool supporting the SWD interface. Using SWD, most of the CoreSight-features can be used. For real-time instruction trace, besides a powerful software which is able to deal with the traced data, a high-end debug tool like the ULINK Pro from ARM/KEIL must be used.

Complete Development Kit

With the appropriate accessory the barrier for entry the world of ARM Cortex-M3 is even more lowered. In addition to our Carrier Board with numerous instant-usable interfaces we offer various integrated development software:

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