VacuScope easy

Dual-channel Pulsation Meter for Dairy Farms

Expandable hand-held Milking Machine Pulsator Tester

Pulsators are used to generate the appropriate pressure levels and sequences in a milking machine. The intensity of the pressure (or vacuum) is as crucial for a good milking result as is the timing of the different pulse phases. Therefore, checking these parameters on a regular basis is both in the interest of animal welfare and helps increasing the efficiency of the milking process.

VacuScope easy is a handy vacuum measuring device which is intended to help the user checking the pulsation parameters of a milking machine on a regular basis.

Successor of VacuScope II

This new product is intended to replace the well-established pulsator tester VacuScope II. It is based on 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing of measuring devices for dairy farm equipment of Kraft & Butzke company, whose activities we started to integrate into our business from the beginning of the year 2022.

Modes of Operation

Pulsation Mode

In this mode, a pulsator of a milking device can be tested against standard specifications ISO 6690 and ISO 5707. This includes an instant display of any deviations.

Fluctuation Mode

The fluctuation measuring mode allows to analyze and display how the vacuum values in a milking cluster or in a milking machine change over time. In contrast to pulsation mode, the measuring parameters in fluctuation mode are freely selectable.

Protocol Printer

With the help of the VacuScope's protocol printer (optionally available) the test results can be documented easily - immediately on-site or later on - which provides a great benefit when putting the necessary documentation on file.

The printer is small enough to be stored in the transport case (optional item) together with the VacuScope easy main unit. This way, a printout is quickly available at any time needed.

Abb.: VacuScope easy with Protocol Printer and Transport Case

PC Connection

As an an additional way for creating a protocol, the VacuScope easy can be connected to a Windows PC with MS Excel installed. This option includes the transfer and analysis program on USB memory stick as well as a suitable serial connection cable with USB adapter.

External Sensors

The following external sensors can be attached to the VacuScope easy:

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Air Flow Meter
  • (additional) Vacuum Sensor

List of System components

We look forward to receiving your enquiry about the following system components:

KUBVSCE/STDVacuScope easy - Milking machine measuring device
KUBVSCE/TKETransport case with foam insert for VacuScope easy
KUBZUB/DRU910Protocol Printer for VacuScope easy
KUBVSCE/SWPCPC Software (requires MS Excel) incl. cable and USB adapter
KUBAFM0/STDAFM 600 - Air Flow Meter up to 600 l/min
KUBAFM3/STDAFM 3000 - Air Flow Meter up to 3000 l/min
KUBZUB/ETSExternal Temperature Sensor -20..140°C
KUBZUB/EDSExternal Vacuum Sensor

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