Pressure Meter with bright Display for Vacuum Monitoring

Enhanced Remote Readability

The vacuum pressure gauge SensoScope continuously measures and monitors the operating pressure in a milking system or other systems.

The vacuum level is the most important physical system parameter at a milking parlour. Recognizing and avoiding deviations from the setpoint is important both for maintaining animal health and for increasing the efficiency of the milking process. Therefore, the operational vacuum should be visible to the staff from every point in the cattle shed.

Providing a large three-digit LED display, SensoScope ensures optimal readability even over a distance of many meters. An LCD display would certainly not be able to offer this!

Calibration and Setting of Parameters

Parameter settings for the SensoScope can be easily done without any special equipment. A single button is used for this. It is located under the front cover film sheet which protects the unit against splash water. A later recalibration by a technician can also be carried out at any time - while the device remains installed.

Limit Switch and Alarm

When exceeding some (user-definable) limit values, SensoScope can make aware of this using two bright LEDs. An alarm output is also available to control an external device. This can be, for example, an additional lamp, a relay or an alarm horn.

Device Options

SensoScope can be equipped and upgraded for various special applications.

In addition to pressure or vacuum, speed, temperature and other physical values can be acquired using appropriate sensors and displayed by the SensoScope. On request, we can also offer device versions with storage (data logger) and with RS485, CAN or PC interfaces.

Please contact us if you need a solution for a special application.

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SensoScope - Anlagenmanometer mit Großdisplay
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